Massage services in Bournemouth

Time Out Beauty provides relaxing massages at great prices. Talk to member of our team for more details about our massage therapy.

Therapeutic massages at our salon

Massages help increase blood circulation, release tension and help you relax. Our massage therapies are designed to restore balance and well-being. Our unique blend of massage oil and rhythmic movements stimulates circulation, pleases your senses, purifies and detoxifies the body. Our staff have extensive knowledge of the body and integrate multiple therapies into our messages to ensure a wholesome and soothing experience.  
Back and neck massages

Back and neck massages

At Time Out Beauty, we provide quality neck and back massages. If you want to get relief for your neck and back pains, contact us and make an appointment for massages from our professional therapists. We also provide electrolysis treatments at great prices. 
Hot stone massage

Here is what we offer

  • Foot massage
  • Body massages
  • Back and neck massage
  • Hot stone massage
For body and back massage services, call Time Out Beauty in Bournemouth on 
 01202 922 360

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